Oh. Happy day. No.

It’s been weeks. You don’t know how hard it is being left hanging. You don’t know how much pain I am in. You don’t know how hard it is for me to wake up every morning knowing something has been missing. I NEVER again will ask you to come back. I don’t want you to. I just want to make things clear. I want us to talk. I want to hear your reasons. They matter.

Being left without knowing anything makes everything harder. You’re lucky you’re never able to feel this way. I never let you and you know that so well. You’ve done this a couple of times and it really shows you don’t care. I was too gullible to even fall for like a thousand times.

I NEVER AGAIN WOULD WANT TO TAKE YOU BACK. Too many chances are way beyond enough. If you’re linked to other belles I would not care. You cheated? Sure. It hurts me too much and it is not because of those. I’m crying because I know I’m not worthy of this torment. I only want to talk. You always leave me like this and still every time you come back I’d hug you tight, but not this time. I wanted to hear AGAIN your LIES for doing so.

I am sorry I stopped pretending you’re there like you always say and that you care. Because if you do, then I guess things will not be like how they are now.

Now if you’ll tell me this is immaturity I’m showing by posting something like this, then okay. What’s important is I didn’t say anything that would hurt you. I didn’t utter lies that would ruin you. I only want to talk, closure to end this. If you’re telling me you’re matured enough then don’t leave me hanging like this. I’m so tired of you leaving me in the middle of nowhere asking questions to myself why we ended. You always hide behind your lies. Let’s end this. We talk. I stop. You’re free.

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