The last of it, of June, I meant.

My heart got broken today. It never crossed my mind that what we have would come to an end. Now here we are, you are somewhere far from here and here I am staring at the ceiling and asking myself questions I knew there are no answers to, and if there are, the only person who has all the answers would be you.

I ask myself why are you not here with me, you usually would hug me tight every time I cry and you wouldn’t tell me to stop, I love it most when you tighten your hug to make me feel better because you knew I would never cry like a baby if I’m the one at fault.

I ask myself when did you stop doing the things you did to make me fall. I was so drowned with what we have I didn’t notice the distance between.

I ask myself where did you drop my heart, I remember your left hand was where I last placed it, your right hand you used to swear to hold my heart good. I ask myself what was wrong with what we have. Have I been too tight I choked you to death or have I been too numb I wasn’t able to feel the coldness?

I ask myself  how everything came to an end. How everything you worked hard for you can easily throw away? How everything you said you dreamt of, when it came true you just put to an end?

Maybe the only answer I have is this, “You move on, I will too“. And this is HOW EVERYTHING WILL END.


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