Happy birthday.

Today is my day and it didn’t start good but I’m hoping it will end well.

Today I need to tell myself “move on” because I have to, and for me to move on I need to decide to be happy.

I have decided. I am decided. I’ll be happy. I know crying would never mean you’re weak but crying won’t do anything good too. So I’ll just smile because today is my day and I will end it well.

To you, sir, thank you for all the memories. I’ll keep the good ones and learn from the mistakes. For all the laughs, for the sacrifices, for the greatest lessons and for just about everything, thank you. Hey, sorry I cast all the blame on you. Sorry I made you feel like everything’s your fault. Sorry for everything I did that hurt you. Those times when I was suffering, I didn’t realize you were suffering as well. Thank you for giving this love another try. Love may be sweeter the second time around, true, unfortunately we’re not meant to last but I’m certain we’re meant to help each other grow and from what I see, we did. Hooray us! Wherever we are and whoever we’re with now, I’m happy and I know you are too. Good luck with life. I have always known you for being someone tough. And for being a real man, for not being ashamed of shedding tears in front of me, hooray you! Hihi. God bless your heart, Abs. I love you. Thanks for this gift — freedom.

Happy birthday, Vina.


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