Free hug.

The sweetest and the warmest hugs you’ll receive are those from the ones you love the most. :”>



So for those who love me, free hug! And for those I love, I’ll chase you until I get those hugs. >:)


Second of September already?!

Some random thought here. Ugh.

When you have so many things in mind, you don’t realize how time passes you by. A while ago I was enjoying the rain and now here I am stuck with the not-so-good memories I have with my ex boyfriend.

Not so good? Yes. Because if what we had were so good, then why the split? Right? You see, I don’t take these not-so-good memories in a negative way. As of now I guess we both are doing great and are very happy. Besides, nothing and no one in this world is perfect. Not even the word PERFECT is perfect itself.

It’s been two months and 19 days since we broke up. Since that heartbreaking day, I promised to be really good with my heart and I’ve been. She fell into pieces. I pulled her back up and patch her up with stuffs some good friends gave to help.

I was doing good, I still am. But I can never deny the sad truth that I still can’t stop my mind from doing flashbacks. Why do they even exist? :’) somehow it’s good to reminisce everything that happened. Some of the memories you had will make you laugh, some will make you cry, other parts will even make you angry and those that are left will give you emotions yourself can’t even explain. What matters is, no matter how these memories made you feel, these memories gave a really BIG contribution to how great a person you are NOW. :)

Mr. September made me cry on his first duty. Two o’clock in the morning and I was listening to this: (a link sent by a friend)

The song is sad. Really sad. It made me cry tears that at two in the morning while everybody in here was asleep, I actually woke up somebody just so I could have someone to let my emotions out. Because if I don’t, I might burst you know? LOL.

Oh well, it still is a big thank YOU to the ex. Tears are good sometimes. Tears warm up my cold chubby cheeks. :D

And memories?

  • They help you grow.
  • They help you realize and accept things.
  • They help you change

See? It’s second of September already! :)