January 18.

I forgot about this day.

Seven in the morning and an unregistered number gave my phone a ring and because I usually wouldn’t answer a call from someone I barely know, I ignored the phone call. Then a message:

“Boss, please answer the phone.”

So I answered the phone. It’s mi’love and of course I am always excited to hear his deep and low textured voice.

“Pupuntahan kita. Hintayin mo ako. Wag kang aalis. Hihintayin mo ako ha.”

He hung up. What has gotten into him? It’s only seven in the morning and I’m still sleepy. What woke me up into reality was that his voice sounded different. He sounded worried. I took a bath and waited.

Nine. He came. I hugged him soon as he arrived and told him I’m really happy seeing him early in the morning and that I am excited to spend the day with him. He hugged back, tight and then tighter. He kissed me on the forehead, then on the nose, then on the lips..

“Nag alala lang ako. 4th anniversary niyo supposedly. Baka lang kasi naalala mo siya at baka nalulungkot ka pa din at baka bigla mo ako makalimutan kaya pinuntahan agad kita the moment na marealize ko na January18 ngayon.”

I felt ambivalent. Happy because he loved me that much, sad because I made him worry.

“I forgot about this day and everything else that went with it. Sorry nag alala ka. I love you.”

He smiled. We hugged and spent the day together creating new and happier memories that would make me forget everything about Januay 18.



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