Valentine’s Day.

He visited me. We talked. We laughed. We hugged. He even slow danced with me, though without music. (the sweetest) Hmm. Is that considered a date or what? LOL. Who cares? It does not need to be considered one. After all February 14 is not about having a date. Everything felt good. With him near. I don’t know where this one’s going but hope and pray this ends well. Oh and he kissed me. It’s a kiss on the nose and it gave me the chills. He’s just the cutest.

Thanks boss. :)



February first. Happy first.

You surprised me with a kiss on the forehead at seven in the morning. You always give me the chills.

You brought roses and some of your artwork you would want to show me and see if I’ll approve. You asked for my opinion about your paintings and pieces and I really love it when you do that. It makes me feel special that you need to ask me every time you’ll work on your pieces.

Oh I love you.

Thanks for this day, boss.