May 14th.

Keeping promises huh sweetheart? :)

Visiting me, on the first, seventh and fourteenth of the month bukod pa sa ibang araw na bigla ka lang nasulpot sa bahay.

But why do you have these unusual habits pagdating sa akin ha?

First, you, smelling my skin, always and now this: You closed your eyes and touched my face trying to memorize every detail. You touched my eyes, nose down to my lips then to my chin. (Funny you skipped my ears kasi alam mo malakas kiliti ko, hihi) You repeated this a couple of times.

Me: Ano na naman yan ha?

Boss: Kinakabisado ko lang ang bawat detalye ng mukha mo. Para kahit nakapikit ako alam ko. Pag di kita kasama, maalala ko. Kaya kita iguhit.

Me: (speechless, turned red)

Aww. You’re sweet. I love you.


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