Of arts and ties. Oh lovely day. <3

He said he’ll teach me how to draw, the basics of it.

Hmm. He tried his best and I just can’t draw! LOL. I drew him a cat and he liked it and that’s enough.

He drew a couple, said it looked like us and I really didn’t think so, honestly. Hihi. The girl’s on skirt and snickers and a blouse with a smiley on the front and hair tied up with strands of hair on the face and the guy’s on pants and tie. I asked him about neck ties. Why are these ties ever invented? What’s it for? He laughed and kissed me, said I ask too many questions.

I borrow a neck tie from papa and he taught me how it’s done a couple of times and I just don’t get it. We end up playing around, I tied it on my hair and used it as a ribbon. I think that’s what neck ties are for. ;)

What a great day.


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