Meat and potatoes of who I am.

Vina Gracia Balanquit Bersabe.

A lover of the little things, too little they barely go noticed.

If you’re curious why fireflies are FIREflies and why apples are devilish, then I’m sure we’ll get along well. ;)

I love endearments so you can call me anything you want as long as it’s sweet as sugar. ;)

I find pleasure in the littlest simplest things. I am fond of unusual things like bottles and flashlights. I as well enjoy reading and having myself drowned in pieces of paper and books.

I keep a smile in my pocket, you’ll never know when you need one, and a prayer on the other pocket because that is one thing I am sure will always work when I need it most and I need it most, always. Oh, and I always bring a pen and a paper because I love putting my thoughts to words.

I love milk, coffee and dark chocolate. If you’re thinking of what gift you can give me on my birthday, here’s a list of the little things I love:

  • apples
  • roses
  • cheese
  • books
  • tomatoes
  • pen
  • paper
  • cats
  • HUG

I love grey clouds and raindrops. I love earth on its dark days, those that would make you feel languorous you would want to spend the day in your room with some mellow music and a good book in your hand.

I could go on with this all day but today won’t be enough hours because there are quite a number of things I love. I won’t talk of the things I hate (in here) because if only it’s possible to go NO HATE JUST LOVE, then I really won’t do hate BUT no one’s perfect so I’ll just try to write MOST of the things I love (so please excuse sad posts, there’ll be some for sure, it can’t be helped, hihi).

If you’re interested about me and what runs in my mind, you can read this blog, and thanks if you’ll do. Have fun running in the corners of my mind! :)


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