Of arts and ties. Oh lovely day. <3

He said he’ll teach me how to draw, the basics of it.

Hmm. He tried his best and I just can’t draw! LOL. I drew him a cat and he liked it and that’s enough.

He drew a couple, said it looked like us and I really didn’t think so, honestly. Hihi. The girl’s on skirt and snickers and a blouse with a smiley on the front and hair tied up with strands of hair on the face and the guy’s on pants and tie. I asked him about neck ties. Why are these ties ever invented? What’s it for? He laughed and kissed me, said I ask too many questions.

I borrow a neck tie from papa and he taught me how it’s done a couple of times and I just don’t get it. We end up playing around, I tied it on my hair and used it as a ribbon. I think that’s what neck ties are for. ;)

What a great day.


Hello there, Sir November.


Roses on the first day of November. Thank you, boss. It’s unusual because it’s saint’s day, but thank you. It’s still sweet even if the roses are withered.

I am not sure what we’re on, or what it is you’re trying to begin, but thanks for making me smile. You waited for the roses to wither because you knew I love withered roses, thanks.